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Get a job with our book's help.

Get a job with our book's help.

Marketing is oh-so-necessary to selling books, products, services, and yourself. Of that there is no doubt, but (and wow this is a big but) only works when you take the time and do the research to know:

  1. Know who you are marketing to. Know the target of your marketing campaign. Know this is solid terms.
  2. Profile your target customer. Know what they read; where they hang out online; what newspapers and magazines they read. What TV shows they read. What music and videos they like.Send your newsletter. Hit Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social sites that will put your message in front of your target market.
  3. Now advertise to those demographics. Target your advertising so that you are offering value; not just another product or book or service to buy. Be an asset to your customers. Sell value. Sell that you are because you do care. Sell an improvement to their lives.

Want to be a more successful writer? Two things: Write, don’t stop. Study marketing and read what you want to publish. That’s three things, yeah I know.