Value = Price + Reliability + Convenience

from Dr. Frank Lutz, author of Words That Work, It’s Not What You Say, its What They Hear.

1. Focus on benefits, not features. On results, not process

2. Tell stories, not concepts

3. Stay in touch with your clients with newsletters, eZines, and invitations to
presentations to keep information flowing.

4. Tell people what they will get, not what you do.

5.Talk about the client, not about yourself

6. Do not we-we all over your self.
(Marketing consultant Mac McIntosh describes it as “we-we-weing all over

7. WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)

8. Be a solution, a resource to your clients. (from WAE)

Word Choice, Selling, and Strategy of Words

FREE is the most powerful word in any language

Use Short sentences

Credibility is as important as
philosophy. People have to believe to

Consistency matters.
Novelty, offer something new or offer a
new definition or a new take on an old idea

Sound and texture matter should be just as
memorable as the words themselves. A string of words that have the same first letter, the same sound, or the same syllabic cadence is more memorable than a random collection of sounds.

Your messages need to say what people
want to hear.

Replace words on left with
Buy – use: claim, order, or investLearn – use: Discover

Tell – use: reveal

Things – use: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Stuff – use: Insider Secrets

Use These Words

Hate (you will hate yourself for …)
How much
How would you (solve this problem)
This (is the way)
2 for 1
50% off