Attila's Revenge A Novel of Anchient Rome

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Wayne A. English

Attila hates and lusts for her mother, but can never have her. So, he marries her daughter to destroy them both.

The Game of Thrones Meets Mission Impossible In This Ancient Roman Thriller

In the waning days of the Western Roman Empire, Attila The Hun captures Annora, daughter of the two people he hates most and forces her to marry him in retaliation for his lust for her mother.

This book combines love, hate, violence, humor, beautiful women, handsome men, and a families iron will to rescue their beloved daughter from a terrible fate.

Annora offered Attila what he wanted most: civilization for his Huns. And Annora, niece to the Western Roman Emperor, could make it happen with the help of her father, a Senator and General of the crack Wolf Legion, and her brilliant mother, sister to the Emperor.

This is the story of an impossible rescue only made possible at terrible cost using position, political and economic might, the Wolf Legion, courage, and a brilliant Greek tutor.

To rescue Annora, Attila must be assassinated without leaving a trace or his army will destroy the West. Everyone knows there’s no way to do that.

Annora’s brilliant mother learns of Toad’s Blood, a poison that kills without a trace, and hatches a plan to rescue her. Her family uses their wealth, power, and skills. Her father is a Roman Senator and General of the Wolf Legion, their wealth, and power are needed in this ancient Roman thriller.

Even if Annora is freed, her uncle the Emperor, thinks her family covets the throne and marks them for death should they ever return home from their attempt to recover Annora.

The Dark Ages did not have to happen. Rome didn't have to collapse. Attila wanted civilization for his Huns. Rome wanted its civilization to survive. Rome offered Attila civilization. The Hunnish army and Roman military might would have created the greatest Empire to ever exist.

This is the story of why Attila refused the civilization he wanted for his Huns, his assassination, and Kreka - first wife of Attila - who destroyed Attila's dream, and ushered in the Dark Ages.

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Attila hates Annora’s father. Lusts for her mother. When he sees Annora’s long white-blonde hair he thinks her a shade from the past returned to torment him as her mother did all those years ago.

Want to live? It’s not what you know that gets you killed. It’s who knows what you know.”

Bacchus, ship’s cat, saves Sextus, Annora’s Roman husband on the Roman trireme Minerva.

The best lie tells the truth to a willing ear. One of Annora’s spy’s says to himself as a Hun watches him. With hand on sword.

“That beast is going to marry Annora and father her children, Annora’s mother tells her husband.

“We have the Wolf Legion, gold, and the diamond for his present. Now, we must deliver the poison to Annora,” Peta tells her husband.

“Toad’s Blood, kills silently, and can’t be traced to Rome. Yes. I can make it, but it must be tested on a living man,” Technikos tells Annora’s mother.

Attila hates us. We’ll use that to get close to him. His vanity and hubris will be the death of him.”